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Call Us Today!
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Wine Making Options

Ever think about making your own wine?
  • How about a wine that can compete in quality with wines made by some of the largest wineries in the world?
  • At a fraction of the cost?
  • Made in a fun social atmosphere, in a clean “state-of- the-art” facility, using the same type of equipment that the giant wineries use?
Wine is most rewarding when you actually know what’s going on. Our unique experiences allow you to increase your wine knowledge in a fun, and enjoyable atmosphere. Experience wine education, wine making, winery tours and actually making, and bottling, your own private label wine.
Get Started today. Two Options to Choose From:
  • Wine Making Club
  • Wine Makers
 WINE MAKERS -Start your Own Barrel or Share a Barrel – Starting at $750

Become a Grape Beginnings Wine Maker

This is for our wine lovers, we provide the wine enthusiast with a "hands-on" opportunity to learn the art and science of private label wine making from grape to bottle. The complete winemaking program runs approximately 10 months over four to five fun-filled "sessions" (about 1 hour each).  
Learn and participate in the major steps of the Wine Making process, and produce you very own private label wine. Crush, press, ferment, rack, bottle and label your own private label wine.
Make wine for yourself, bring your own group of friends and family or join a group, meeting other wine enthusiasts, and we promise you will have a great time.
There are only Two Wine Making Seasons a Year
  • May/June—Grapes from Chile
  • October—Grapes from California
Wine Menus
* ABC permit fee ($15) per customer. Labels are not included.
Five Sessions for Red Wines:
1- Open House (sampling/ordering)
2- Crush & De-stemming Fresh Grapes
3- Pressing Fermented Must
4- Racking (see Barrels getting cleaned as wine is racked)
5- Bottling
Please complete form, and hand in to Grape Beginnings.
WINE MAKING CLUB  - Starting at $199 for 2
Wine Club
Our Wine Making Club is perfect for the individual, couple or just a group of friends who want to learn about the wine making process, and make wine hands-on, from grapes to bottle but don’t drink wine on a regular basis or are not ready to commit to larger quantities.
The Wine Making Club is five fun-filled, educational sessions over approximately one year. It starts with our Intro to Winemaking class that takes you through the basic steps of wine making, a guided winery tour, and sampling of the wines.  In session two, you will crush and de-stem fresh grapes that you will then press in session three.  Four to five months later, you will come back and sample your wines from the barrel to see how they are developing, while the wine is “racked” (session four). About five months later, you will come in again, and bottle (session five) your creation to take home.  
Classes start monthly, with wine making (session two) starting in May and October, when we bring grapes in from South America and California.
 Choose  1 wine 2 wines 3 wines all 4 wines


Five Sessions over approximately 10 months:
1- Winery Experience (sampling/ordering)
2- Crush & De-stemming Fresh Grapes
3- Pressing Fermented Must
4- Racking (see barrels getting cleaned as wine is racked)
5- Bottling
*ABC Permit fee ($15) and Labels are not included
Labels not Included

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